The following is a glimpse into some of the problems we have solved in the gardens and landscapes of Victoria and Kamloops.

This page describes some of the issues people have presented us with and our approach to solving them. It highlights just a few of the advantages to hiring us first, before considering a less-experienced or a less-caring contractor. We want to work with people who appreciate quality service and workmanship and understand value.

Scenario 1

Poor irrigation:

Client complaint - We spent a considerable amount of money on an irrigation system and a year later it is not working. Some areas of our yard are too wet, some are too dry.


From our investigation of the system that was put in, we found the following common problems: unbalanced and uneven coverage caused by poor spray head spacing and wrong nozzle selection. Furthermore, the electrical connectors used below ground were intended for household use, not suited for outdoor application. We optimized spray head spacing, matched nozzle precipitation rates and replaced all electrical connectors.


Scenario 2

Deck detours:

Client complaint - We have a great deck but always need to go around one way to get to our lawn and garden area, and it makes for a huge inconvenience. As well, the deck is starting to rot in some areas.


From our examination we discerned that the wrong fasteners were selected and untreated lumber was used throughout. This coupled with a 20 foot detour that did not work for this young family. The client agreed that the best thing to do was what we suggested: moving some plants to the front yard, cutting a portion of the deck bench area, adding a secondary stairway with a concrete landing for more direct access to the lawn area and replace/add treated lumber pieces where needed.

We also made note of the sun's movement in the backyard as they wanted to clear and flatten an area to put in an above 10' x 10' pool for the children. We knew that the changes would extend the life and functionality of the deck and bring increased enjoyment and safety to the whole back yard.


Scenario 3

Side yard blues:

Client complaint - We have this entire area along the one side of our home that has become a burden. It has become a place to store our refuse and recycling but feel it has much more potential.


A typical problem for side yards is that the wrong vegetation is planted, including lawn. This problem can be exacerbated by narrow sidewalks which limit access. Many landscapers deem side yards unimportant. However, we know side yards are just as important aesthetically and functionally and an integral part of the outdoor room. To remedy this situation we cleaned out the overgrown, unsuitable vegetation and built specific storage enclosures that made this garden area one to be proud of!


Scenario 4

Poor pruning:

Client complaint - We bought a home with a lot of trees, shrubs and a wild garden but had no idea how to get it under control. Regrettably, we hired someone without checking their credentials and found ourselves in an unenviable mess!


Many inexperienced companies will hack away at shrubs and trees without any forethought. Cheaper? You bet! Competency? Zero! We walked the property, identified all the plant varieties and focused in on the long term value of each. We made educated suggestions as to what should remain and what would be best removed and recycled, or transplanted. We have the technical expertise to assist with any planting or pruning problems and we will guarantee the results.


Scenario 5

Terrible trends:

Client complaint - We wanted a water feature, thinking the sound of a waterfall would be great beside our walkway down to our deck. In reality the water seldom flowed evenly. It went from heavy and loud and spilling over onto the deck, to almost never working and much too quiet. We spent a fortune on this feature and are now left with a dysfunctional eyesore.


We are constantly bombarded with advertisements boasting a new product or must-have item. Garden magazines can display beautiful out-of-context photographs and will promote such trends. Retailers are often overly zealous when promoting the "product of the week." Unscrupulous contractors will capitalize on all of these gimmicks and build expensive junk that does not suit the customer's lifestyle or their garden's surroundings. We believe in giving the customer what they want but also feel it is our professional responsibility to engage in conversation with the client as a means of ensuring alternative design options are given due consideration.